Monday, August 3, 2009

july & august celeberity gossip

ohhkaay , i know that i am suppose to be your key to fashion but i just gotta spill !
if you haven't already seen this gossip and info in people mag then you might want
to take a close looky (& !

ok so first ill talk about ... hmm .. Selena Gomez & her LOVELY mother Amanda Cornett ,
shall we ? ohhhkkaay so as you may know Selena is 16 years old , rightt ? ok . but did everyone know that her mom (33 years old) had selena at 16 ??
- i knoww that commercial about selena learning stuff from having a good mother NOT TO BE JUDGEMENTAL but.. hmmm ? not what i learned . BUT things happen so .. i forgive yah ( :

movingg on to Selena's bffl . demi , she has a new fling .
not just a normal person . but her former "enemies" bra ! TRACE CYRUS
shake shake , shake shake , i shake it ... or whatev it is [ :

andd now to another disney pop star ! JOE JONASSS ( 19) BABY !! my personal fav .
ok , lets chatt about how hes dating camilla belle (22) and he even gave his flat iron a break just . to . spend. time. with . the . uhhmazzing . camilla . they MUST be into each other ... dontcha agreee ?
but since hes moved on from his XFACTOR Taylor swift he secretly added a little message to her
in the jobros lyrics --- " I get a rep for breakin' hearts/now im done with superstars/ and all the tears on her guitar."
ikkkkrrr , STRONG.

** no hard feelings joe <3>

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